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Mitunternehmer / Projektpartner: Suche - Trusted Biometric Online Registration and Storage Solution
Freigegeben 05/10/2018 , 348 Betrachter.
Gründungsjahr: 2 017
Titel der Ausschreibung:Trusted Biometric Online Registration and Storage Solution

EAZY COMMECT has developed and patented security concept for trusted online biometric authentication platform. The person's fingers and/or face can be used for identification instead of passport, driver license, bank cards, tickets for public transport or generally access control. The company is looking for industrial partners (airlines, banking, pharma, governmental, cities, transport etc) or IT security companies to develop pilot projects and is open to investment opportunities.


Currently banks, technology developers and payment companies are all experimenting with new ways to identify consumers by their unique physical traits, with the ultimate goal of improving security while also streamlining customer onboarding and authentication. An Austrian start-up founded in 2017 and currently active in two countries internationally has created a new technological concept to address the problem of storing identity, financial and access control items in a secure, online way that makes all cards and wearables obsolete.

The problem for the end user is that, every (adult) person in developed countries carries an average of 4 plastic cards for various uses (identification, access, e-card, bank transactions, etc.) on a daily basis. Most cards are protected by a PIN code, which the user has to memorize. The same applies to most access and identification processes for various online services and applications. In recent years, more and more of the cards are equipped with NFC chips that save time and do not require a PIN code, making it however vulnerable to third parties, which may read and misuse users' data and conduct unintentional debits or payments.

The technological concept bundles a large part of the daily payment, identification and authentication processes on a new, cardless biometric authentication mechanism through a software-as-a-service solution combined with a hardware terminal for the initial registration. The authentication mechanism is based on the world's first multi-finger contactless biometric authentication system that works on unmodified smartphones. User registration takes place through a stationary terminal equipped with a webcam, which is scanning both palms of the user's hand, providing multiple biometric impressions. A second camera is installed for the correct performance of live scanning. Thereafter, the various biometric impressions are assigned by the user online to their various authentication data and stored on a blockchain database for enhanced user security applications in different online and offline platforms (online: for example at webstores or banking applications through web and smartphone authentication, offline: through the hardware terminal at physical stores). One or a combination of several biometric impressions can be stored for one and only connection on the biometric database, which allows for a high number of different authentication applications. The user identity and the connection to the applications is based on a scalable software-as-a-service cloud solution, which can be offered also as white label.

The patented technology is currently on a concept stage and both a prototype and a market feasibility study is under development in collaboration with two universities in Vienna. Estimated market entry is mid-2020.

The company is currently looking for industrial partners with high security authenication needs or IT security companies to develop the first pilot applications and is open to investment opportunities.

Advantages and innovation

- The biometric authentication solution has practically limitless applications in different industries.
- The authentication method is more secure compared to other available authentication technologies (e.g. NFC) and more cost-efficient than other biometric authentication methods (e.g. eye scanner) due to the combination of 16 unique biometric impressions (fingers, palms) and a facial recognition using two cameras for authentication.
- It is scalable and can deployed rapidly worldwide using the currently available technologies.
- It is ensuring 100% security granted for correct data of each user and the recordings stored in the data processing center through decentralized cryptographic hashing based on blockchain technology.
- The data architecture is in accordance with applicable law and privacy requirements (including the EU General Data Protection Regulation).

Technology keywords

Stage of development: Concept stage

Comments regarding stage of development

Currently working on the prototype development and the market feasibility study in collaboration with two major Universities in Vienna.

Profile Origin Private (in-house) research

IPR Status:

  • Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Comments IPR Status
Utility model application granted in Austria.
PCT application granted in Austria.
Further international patent applications for Europe, parts of America, Africa and Asia have been filed and are pending.

Company information

Type, size and nation: Industry SME <= 10, Austria
Already engaged in transnational cooperation: Yes

NACE keywords

Sector Group: ICT Industry and Services

Languages spoken

  • English
  • German

Partner sought

Type of partnership

  • Financial agreement
  • Technical cooperation agreement

Type and role of Partner sought
1. Technical cooperation agreement
- Type of partner sought: industry, corporates with authentication needs
- Specific area of activity of the partner: airlines, banks, credit card companies, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, cities, transportation companies, retail, payment providers, IT security
- Tasks to be performed: co-develop pilot application projects
Specific focus should be given to companies with open innovation culture.

2. Financial Agreement
- Type of partner sought: investor, business angel or corporate investment
- Specific area of activity of the partner: financial technologies, investment background in IT security or authentication
- Tasks to be performed: equity investment.

Market keywords

Type and size of partner sought

Targeted countries

- Worldwide

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